Criteria capturing a manufacturer mark

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By means of a datasheet the capturing of a manufacturer mark can be definitely documented.


First of all the date of visit and the name of the collection as well as data of the plaster cast have to be documented. For a later identification and networking the inventory number and description of the plaster cast are important.


The analysis of the casting marks can only be achieved using a set of stringent criteria. During close visual inspection the accurate documentation is helpful.

The primary visible criterion is the form – main categories are circle, oval, polygon, followed by the size – visible main dimensions such as diameter, length and width in millimetres.

The contained text then provides the anchor point for each manufacturer mark.

Sub-criteria are to be considered like reading order – from the left to the right, from the outside to the inside, from top to below -, upper and lower case, line break – here in marked by # or // -, and abbreviations. From the textual content, proper names, institutions, production numbers, locations with city and address, ownerships and copyrights can be isolated.

The next criterion is an image, which can be differentiated into coats of arms, symbols or complete pictures. In the same way, separators can be identified, such as rows of dots, frames, stars, etc

Further criteria for identifying a manufacturer mark are its material and the type of its fastening to the cast.

The analysis is supported by photographs of the mark as well as of the object.

If no measuring stick is at hand, the scale at the bottom of the datasheet can be helpful.

Data gained can then be entered into a database.


Download the datasheet. Please send the filled version to w-s-i-p (at)